Update About Covid-19!!!
Update about Covid-19!!!
+ We just want to let you know that during the Covid-19 outbreak and quarantine, WE ARE WORKING AS NORMAL!

+As a technology-led business, we are in a great position to manage situations like this - our team is fully set up to continue giving you the same quality service during the period.

+Our online platform is allowing you to manage your money from anywhere, anytime.

+As always, you can contact us through live support and through our contact form.

Mar-17-2020 04:50:22 PM
2020 Is A Promising Year For Crypto Gurus Limited
2020 Is A Promising Year For Crypto Gurus Limited because we have made all the marks in 2019 in the crypto world.

In 2019 we received award as the Best Crypto Analyst from World Crypto Traders Association in United Kingdom.

Our mining Farm expended and we sort for low cost electricity zone in other to bring more profit to our investors, this was achieved by our experts and Professional team that is working tirelessly for the progress of Crypto Gurus Limited

Come 2020 we plan on lunching our very own coin which will be listed on the coinmarket cap, it will be available for traders and crypto miners. We also have plans to expand our office of operation to United States, Africa, Asia and Australia.

In 2020 Crypto Gurus Limited will be the fastest Crypto Mining Pool.
Remember: Crypto Gurus Limited is Your Reliable Crypto mining partner!

For questions Contact our support team via live chat and for assistance.
Dec-29-2019 05:06:20 AM
1st November Bonus
Do you want more cash on the New Month? If yes join any of plans and get additional 10% of your investment when you make deposit of $500 and Above.

This is Our way of saying Happy New Month to all our investors.

This Bonus will last for only 1 Day, which means it end s on 1st of November
Oct-31-2019 12:32:15 PM
A New Week Of BTC Bull
We Welcome all our investors to this New week. We are anticipating a bull run this week on BTC trade which has commenced already and we have made lots of profit already.

All our plans are profitable, you can join us today. Also invite your family and friends to join our company and enjoy Upto 10% referral commission.

You can contact our support 24/7 through whatsapp, live chat and email.
Aug-5-2019 02:00:51 PM
30 Days Of Quality Service From Crypto Gurus Limited
Crypto Gurus Limited has completed 30 Days of instant and constant payment to its members. We have given our best to make sure that all our investors enjoy their Earnings with us. So after completing 30 days, We want to ask, Have we tried enough in making our platform the best? Do you think there is area of our service that needs improvement? Every suggestion is welcomed no matter how small it might look like because we want your next 335 days (Our Anniversary) experience to be more advanced.

We will gladly accept your suggestions and deliberate on it in our next meeting. If considered necessary for implementation then it will be implemented.

You can add your suggestions by replying to this email

Best Regards
Heavy Thomas Patrick
Chief Executive Officer
Crypto Gurus Limited
Jul-30-2019 08:33:49 AM
Our Telegram Group Was Deleted
We apologies for the deletion of our telegram group by telegram, We are in talk with them for the group to be restored. Once it happens you will be updated via email about it.

You can always contact us via whatsapp, form or live chat.

Jul-17-2019 11:48:17 AM
Our Calculator is Fixed And Working Properly Now!!!
I will like to let you all know that our homepage calculator which was spotted to be calculating wrongly has been fixed.

We urge all our investor to always bring suggestions that will move the company forward. Or report any issue that is not working in order.

Crypto Gurus Ltd Team
Jul-10-2019 09:44:45 AM
Crypto Gurus Ltd is Making Progress on a Daily Basis
We are glad to announce that our company has recorded a surprising sign up from all around the world. This is a positive signal, showing that our effort is appreciated by our investors. We also wish to use this medium to appreciate investors who are working tirelessly to refer their family and friends. Your efforts are highly recognized.

This week, we plan on spread the Good news to more investors, So if you are not yet part of the referral program you can join us and earn up to 10% referral commission.
Remember: We are your number one reliable Crypto Partner you can trust.
Jul-9-2019 08:48:26 AM
Happy New Month And Happy Earning
Happy New Month And Happy Earning: The month of July comes with a lot of promises in Crypto Mining And Trading. As we anticipate higher rise in bitcoin price, Make sure you invest and invite your family and friends too. In that way you earn Upto 10% referral commission of all their deposits.

Crypto Gurus Ltd is your only trusted and reliable Crypto mining Partner.
Jul-1-2019 03:49:42 PM
Our Website is Lunched And Fully Operational
Our Website is Lunched And Fully Operational now; If you have not yet familiarize yourself with our website functions, you can start from our get started page, then visit our Faq page. If you have any question then contact our support via whatsapp, live chat or Contact form.
Jul-1-2019 12:56:56 AM
We Will Be Open To Accept Deposits In Few Hours
Our Company "Crypto Gurus Ltd" will be open to accept deposits in all our plans on 1st of July. Invite your family and Friends to join us. We are a reliable crypto mining partner you can trust.
Jun-30-2019 09:49:18 PM